Ocean Earth Mandala Towel

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Salute ocean and earth with the Mandala Beach Towel. Celebrate the elegant balance between our land and sea with our earth shaped 150cm oversized towel. Super soft for gentle care of your skin and highly absorbent. It’s the wholly grail of towels, yarn-dyed, woven, double-stitched and hand finished with care and love. Using the best UV protection to ensure retention of these vibrant colours and a towel that’s made to last.

Your guarantee of quality and sustainability

Drying off has never felt so good! Our luxurious towels are made from GOTS organic, fair trade cotton, grown by a collective of farmers in Southern India then manufactured in Noida, outside of Delhi. The cotton is grown with 70% less irrigated water than conventional cotton farming and without any chemicals, pesticides and is GMO-free. This is continued throughout the process of manufacture – only using non-azo dyes, and without any toxic chemicals, processing aids or sprays. In maintaining our supply chain we’ve visited and audited each stage of this process, met the workers and inspected the process to ensure it is transparent and respectful.




The Ocean Earth Mandala Towel is the ultimate beach and picnic towel. Measuring at 150cm2 its generous sizing is both comfortable to sit on and be wrapped in. Super soft organic cotton that’s made for maximum absorption and still lightweight for easy travels.

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