Silicone Baking Mat – Pink

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No more baking paper! No more scrubbing oven trays either!!

Instead use a Silicone Baking Mat.

These mats are non stick, flexible and odourless. Heat resistant up to 220 degrees and made from FSA silicone they are safe and durable.

Our Silicone Baking Mats will provide the same consistent results every time making your baking experience simple, easy and fun.

We recommend keeping one baking mat for baking cookies and one baking mat for the greasy foods like roast veggies and meat. 

Cleaning is easy – either by hand with hot soapy water or pop into the dishwasher. 


  • No more scrubbing oven trays 
  • Non stick
  • Reusable
  • 30 x 40 cm
  • FDA grade silicone
  • Heat resistant up to 220 degrees
  • Replaces the need to use baking paper




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