Silicone Scrubbing Gloves – Aqua

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Do you like products that have multiple uses? Well these Silicone Gloves are exactly that. Made from food grade silicone these gloves are non-toxic, odourless and reusable.  Not only can you wash your dishes with them, you can scrub fruit and vegetables, use them for general house cleaning or even washing the car. 

Each glove comes with soft cleaning bristles on the palm to scrub away food or dirt without damaging any surfaces. They will also decrease the need to purchase sponges or other cleaning clothes, saving you money!

Available in two stylish colours – Aqua or Grey – these gloves are soft, comfortable and durable. Look after your gloves by rinsing in hot water after use or sterilize in boiling water. 

Gloves that are made to last.


  • Two stylish colours to choose from (Aqua & Grey)
  • Soft cleaning bristles on each palm
  • One size fits all
  • Multi-Functional




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