It takes an estimated 1 million years for a glass bottle to decompose in the environment!  Repurposing glass is far less energy intensive than putting it through the recycling process, so this is what we do!  Absolutely everything is handmade and assembled by ourselves here in Australia.  We collect discarded empty wine bottles from other local businesses.  (To be totally honest, we empty a few of them ourselves too!), they are then hand cut and edges carefully sanded, before being cleaned and transformed into a beautiful fragranced candle for you.

So what does wine smell like in a candle? We have matched the aromatic descriptors of the wine varieties to the scents we use in the candles.  When you pick up your favourite bottle have a look at it’s back label, read the descriptions, this is where our inspiration come from.

Our soy wax candles are all handmade using the highest quality ingredients available, natural soy wax, no palm, no paraffin, our candles are vegan friendly.   They are unique, and unlike any other you have had before. I’m sure you will love burning them as much as we love making them.